In a time of uncertainty, fear and frustration I wanted to provide some light relief by creating a typeface that was silly, playful and hopefully produces a smile.

Head over to to submit your vote on todays biggest penis! All proceeds from typeface sales and merchandise are going to charities in support of prostate and testicular cancer.

DR-Pecker comes in .otf and .woff file formats with a reduced character set (see images below).

'JUST DO IT' T-Shirts (White Gildan Premium Cotton) are avaliable in M (51x74) & L (56x76) please select T-Shirt option on checkout for £12, I will email you to confirm your size choice shortly after :)

Typeface Selection

DR-Pecker £5.00 (OTF & WOFF) Desktop (OTF) £15.00 (OTF & WOFF + T-Shirt) Webfont (WOFF)
DR-Vorga £25.00 (2 weights) Desktop (OTF) £25.00 (2 weights) Webfont (WOFF)
DR-Spira £25.00 (3 weights) Desktop (OTF) £25.00 (3 weights) Webfont (WOFF)
DR-Worker £25.00 Desktop (OTF) £25.00 Webfont (WOFF)
DR-Bulk £25.00 Desktop (OTF) £25.00 Webfont (WOFF)
DR-Raymond £25.00 Desktop (OTF) £25.00 Webfont (WOFF)
DR-Plunk £25.00 Desktop (OTF) £25.00 Webfont (WOFF)
DR-Analog £25.00 Desktop (OTF) £25.00 Webfont (WOFF)
DR-Ivory £25.00 Desktop (OTF) £25.00 Webfont (WOFF)
DR-Sidekick £25.00 Desktop (OTF) £25.00 Webfont (WOFF)
DR-Incido £25.00 (3 weights) Desktop (OTF) £25.00 (3 weights) Webfont (WOFF)

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